The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS)

General View

During the period from 29-30 August 1998, the
Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS) organized a special conference to establish the Arab Union for Astronomy & Space Science (AUASS). This Conference was, on all scales, very successful, especially if we know that JAS does not possess the financial means to organize such a conference. It was really a gathering of academic and research persons, where 48 scientists representing 14 Arab countries, in addition to observers from France, Italy & USA, were present. Greetings had been sent from international astronomical institutions such as: the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the United Nations Office for Outer Space in Vienna. The Italian delegation consisted of five astronomy professors. The Conference decided to form the Higher Board of the Union, which had elected a chairman, a secretary general and an executive council. Furthermore, the Higher Board approved of a suggestion made by Khalil Konsul, the Chairman of the Union, to nominate the members of the Consulting Office related to this Union.

Arab Countries Represented in the Conference

Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunis, Morocco, and Jordan.

During the conference, Lebanon and Algeria apologized from attending the conference due to some urgent reasons.

Higher Board

  1. Dr. Ahmad Ra'fat Ghadieh (Palestine).
  2. Dr. Hamid Mijuel Al-Naimiy (Iraq).
  3. Eng. Fayez Fawq Al-Adah (Syria).
  4. Dr. Moh'd Bakhit Al-Maleki (Saudi Arabia).
  5. Dr. Shawqi Al-Dallal (Bahrain).
  6. Sheikh Faisal Aal Thani (Qatar).
  7. Mr. Esam Al-Kasimi (United Arab Emirates, UAE).
  8. Mr. Mahmoud Al-Saghiri (Yemen).
  9. Dr. Moh'd Ahmad Suleiman (Egypt).
  10. Dr. Mu'awiya Shaddad (Sudan).
  11. Mr. Farhat Faraj Farhat (Libya).
  12. Mr. Fu'ad Anan (Tunis).
  13. Dr. Hamid Touma (Morocco).
  14. Eng. Khalil Konsul (Jordan).


Photo for the Higher Board
Counterclockwise, R to L: Dr. Mu'awiya Shaddad (Sudan), Mr. Farhat Faraj Farhat (Libya), Eng. Fayez Fawq Al-Adah (Syria), Dr. Hamid Touma (Morocco), Dr. Ahmad Ra'fat Ghadieh (Palestine), Dr. Moh'd Ahmad Suleiman (Egypt), Dr. Moh'd Bakhit Al-Maleki (Saudi Arabia), Ms. Nabilah and Ms. Luigia (UAE), Sheikh Faisal Aal Thani (Qatar), Eng. Khalil Konsul (Jordan), Mr. Fu'ad Anan (Tunis), Dr. Hamid Mijuel Al-Naimiy (Iraq), Mr. Mahmoud Al-Saghiri (Yemen), Dr. Shawqi Al-Dallal (Bahrain).

Executive Council

  1. Eng. Khalil Konsul (Jordan) / Chairman & Secretary General.
  2. Dr. Hamid Mijuel Al-Naimiy (Iraq) / Vice Chairman for Scientific Affairs.
  3. Sheikh Faisal Aal Thani (Qatar) / Vice Chairman for Coordination & Media Affairs.
  4. Eng. Fayez Fawq Al-Adah (Syria) / Vice Chairman for Activities & Conferences Affairs.
  5. Dr. Hamid Touma (Morocco) and Mr. Fu'ad Anan (Tunis) / Financial Secretary (temporarily, until a financial secretary is elected).

Chairman's Consulting Office

  1. Dr. Shawqi Al-Dallal (Bahraini Astronomical Society) / President of the Consulting Office & Academic Consultant.
  2. Dr. Hamdi Murad (Assistant Secretary General, Jordanian Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs) / Cultural & Religious Affairs Consultant.
  3. Mr. George Awad (Planetary Society) / Astronomical & Cosmological Exhibitions Consultant.
  4. Dr. Yarub Bader (Tishreen University, Latakia) / Organizational Affairs Consultant.

Parties Financially Supporting the Conference

Establishment of Crescents, Calendars, and Mawaqeet Committee (CCMC)

The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS) formed a special committee called "Crescents, Calendars, and Mawaqeet Committee (CCMC)". Kindly to know more.

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Photos of the Conference

The Inauguration of the Union

L to R: Dr. Shawqi Al-Dallal (Bahrain), Prof. Hamid Al-Naimiy (Iraq), Dr. Abdus-Salam al-Abbadi (Minister of Islamic Affairs), Eng. Khalil Konsul (Jordan), Eng. Fayez Fawq Al-Adah (Syria).
Talking Together

At King Abdullah Mosque
Right: Sheikh Faisal Aal Thani (Qatar).
Middle: Dr. Abdus-Salam al-Abbadi (Minister of Islamic Affairs)
Left: Eng. Khalil Konsul (President of JAS and AUASS)
View of the Participants
View of the Participants
At the Hotel
During A Dinner !

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